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Kids, Don’t Go With Strangers

Helping children get away safely when a stranger approaches is the mission of
“Kids, Don’t Go With Strangers,” initiated nationwide following a rash of child serial slayings in the 1970s.

This award-winning public safety program presents a crucial child safety message in a non-threatening, highly effective manner designed for younger elementary children. “Kids, Don’t Go With Strangers” was re-launched with new multi-media materials – including an instructional coloring book and sing-a-long audio CD.

Thousands of non-family abductions are reported to police every year, most of which are short-term and sexually motivated. These sexual abductions have serious life-long emotional and social consequences. About 6 percent of cases involve children being murdered, ransomed or taken with the intent to keep.

Education can mean the difference between a child being abducted or being spared from harm. We urge school administrators to use this free program while supplies last!


“Kids, Don’t Go With Strangers” materials can be sent to your school by calling the LEEP Program Office toll-free at (833) 451-1220 or mailing a letterhead request to LEEP Program Office, 28091 Dequindre #303, Madison Heights, MI 48071. Send your K-1 enrollment count to assure each child receives a coloring book and each corresponding teacher gets an audio CD to play in the classroom.

Click the CD to hear a sample!


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